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Comics I’ll Be Checking Out This Week

I’m back, and I actually WILL be checking out these comics this week! Look for retroactive first impresssions over the next couple of weeks as I get caught up with 3 weeks’ worth of comics.

Must-buy comics this week:

Bee & Puppycat #3
Letter 44 #9
Sisters GN
TMNT: Turtles in Time #3

Dead Boy Detectives #8

Deep Gravity #2 - Excited to see where this one guys after the great setup the last issue provided.

Goon: Occasion of Revenge #2 - I’m actually waiting for the trade, but Goon is awesome. 

Mind MGMT #25

Pariah #7

Pop #1 - The celebrities of the world are actually products grown by the wealthy. One of them escapes…

The Sundowners #1 - A group of heroes that protect people from interdimensional invaders - or at least, that’s what they THINK they’re doing.

Black Science #8 

Dream Police #4

Saga #22

Wayward #1 - Well, the hype machine is throwing around names like Hellboy and BTVS to promote this one. I’m generally up for a supernatural comic with a kickass lady protagonist, but I’lll reserve judgement till I’ve read the thing.

White Death HC - WWI. A man must fight a war in his idyllic childhood home.

The Art of John Alvin HC - Not technically comics, but showcasing the movie poster art of the illustrator who made the posters for films such as Gremlins, Star Wars, and Mulan.

Attack on Titan vol. 13

Bee & Pupppycat #3 - yay!

Bob’s Burgers #1 - Fingers crossed that this is as funny as the show!

Doctor Who: 10th #2 - Hopefully this ish is a great improvement over the first one.

Even More Bad Parenting Advice GN - Guy Delisle is his own worst critic as he showcases his own less-than-stellar parenting choices.

Invincible Days HC - A collection of short stories about youth from the creator of The Yellow Jar. This one is an instabuy for me.

Letter 44 #9

Megahex HC - Collects the Meg & Mogg webcomic about a stoner witch and her cat.

Say I Love You vol. 3 - Romancey shoujo comics! Who am I?!

Sisters GN - SO PSYCHED! Instabuy!

Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever #3

Talent Deluxe Ed TPB - A man who survives a plane crash is able to channel the talents of those who died.

Theseus & The Minotaur GN - Published by TOON books (a publisher known for their fantastic books for early readers), this GN promises a wealth of historically accurate details, as well as maps, mazes, and character cards.

TMNT: Turtles in Time #3 - I’m addicted.

Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir TP - Childhood stories from Liz Prince.

Comics I’ll Be Checking Out This Week

Comics I would be (and hopefully will be reading at the end of the week) checking out if I had access to a comic store!

Must-buy comics this week:

Manifest Destiny #9
Chi’s Sweet Home vol. 11
Gangsta vol. 3
Ikigami vol. 10
Jellaby vol. 2
Vinland Saga vol. 4

Dark Horse Presents 2014 #1

Eye Of Newt #3 - I’m still completely enamored of the beautiful retro 70’s fantasy art style in this lovely comic.

A Second Chance at Sarah HC - A man makes a deal with a demon that allows him to travel back in time in order to try to save the life of his dying wife.

Manifest Destiny #9 - Still easily one of the best image books on the shelf right now.

Trees #4

The Wicked & The Divine #3 - It’s do or die time for this book that started decently strong and took a breather in the last ish.

Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #2

Adventure Time #31

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall vol. 2

Bravest Warriors: The Search for Catbug HC - The fans love catbug, and someone isn’t afraid to capitalize on that! I have high hopes for this anthology after the awesomeness of the annuals.

Bravest Warriors presents Catbug’s Treasure Book HC - A scrapbook from Catbug’s perspective.

Chi’s Sweet Home vol. 11 - Instabuy.

The Deliquents #1 - I’m not a big valiant fan, but I do love the new Quantum & Woody. This series features them, so I’ll be checking it out.

Dorohedoro vol. 13

Empty Man #3

Gangsta vol. 3 - I will def be buying this volume of the best manga with the worst name.

Ikigami vol. 10

Jellaby GN vol. 2 -Instabuy.

The Life After #2 - Def want to see where this story of those stuck in Purgatory goes.

Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland #1 - For the sake of how freaking amazing Little Nemo is, I really hope this book is cool.

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #8

Vinland Saga vol. 4 - What an amazing week for manga!

Zaya HC - Set in the future, this tale follows a former secret agent who left her job in order marry and have children as she is reactivated to investigate a biomechanical threat.


Ugh, what a week of amazing comics I’m missing!

Comics I’ll be checking out this week

Comics I would be checking out this week if I had access to a comic store.

Must-buy Comics this week:

Princess Ugg #3
Zombiellenium HC vol. 2
Wolfsmund vol. 5

The Guns of Shadow Valley HC - Normally I’m not into westerns, but the cover art is a big draw, and the main characters are hunting ghostly warriors!

Displaced Persons OGN - Interested in the time travel aspect. Not so interested in the crime and romance aspects.

Red City #3

Shutter #5

El Nino Omnibus HC - One women’s quest for her brother, from whom she was separated at birth (literally - they were conjoined twins). Oh, and her brother is a pirate.

Hexed #1 - A supernatural thief-for-hire accidentally releases a great evil.

MLP #22

Princess Ugg #3 - Why must I miss this book arrrgh

The Devilers #2 - Here’s where this book will really start to prove itself. Too bad I won’t be around to read it.

Thomas Alsop #3

Wolfsmund vol. 5 - My favorite train wreck.

Zombiellenium HC vol. 2 - Instabuy.

A pared-down reading list for a week when I’m out of town. There are a few more books I might flip through if I had any sort of comic shop access this week, but seeing as I don’t have that access, these are the essentials.

Aug 5

Comics I’ll be checking out this week

More accurately: Comics I would be checking out this week if I were in close proximity to a comic store. 

Must-buy comics this week:

Trillium TP
Juice Squeezers TP
Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #1
Steven Universe #1
Toriko vol. 23
Legend of Bold Riley #2

Hinterkind #10

Trillium TP - Instabuy

Figment #3 - Third time’s the charm last chance

Complete Elfquest TP vol. 1: Original Quest - The GOOD stuff! If your only exposure to Elfquest has been the “Final Quest”, you haven’t seen the REAL Elfquest yet.

Juice Squeezers TP vol. 1 - INSTABUY

Usagi Yojimbo Senso #1 - I can’t believe I have to wait weeks to read this arrrrgh (because I am loyal to my local comic store)

Alex + ADA #8

Imperial #1 - This image title is about a guy chosen by a superhero to be a superhero on the cusp of his wedding, which somehow means that he must choose between marriage and herodom. The wording of the description made me cringe, but I’m giving it a chance anyway (or at least I would if I were near a comic store.)

Madame Frankenstein #4

Battle Angel Alita: Last Order Ominibus vol. 4

Big Trouble in Little China #3

The Bunker #5

The Bunker TP. vol. 1

Devils & Realist vol. 2

Endless Sky GN - An autobio from Swiss artist David Boller, chronicling his experiences in the American comic book industry.

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma vol. 1 - Food battles in culinary school! Woo!

How the World Was: A California Childhood GN - A biography of the creator’s friend’s childhood in depression-era California.

I Was the Cat HC - The memoirs of a talking cat. 

It Never Happened Again: Two Stories GN - Two very different tales; one regarding an encounter at a Hawaiian resort in 1997, and the other taking a look at anime nerds.

Kokoro Connect vol. 1 - Five highschoolers are exposed to a supernatural being that forces them to switch bodies.

Legend of Bold Riley #2

Les Mis: manga classics GN

Reading with Pictures: Comics that Make Kids Smarter HC — This anthology features short stories from some amazing comic artists that focus on subjects kids study in school, such as social studies, math, and science.

The Ring of the Nibelung HC - The entire series by P. Craig Russel in one volume.,

Spell of Desire vol. 1 - This looks to be about as shoujo as shoujo gets. Beautiful women, beautiful men, romance!

Squidder #2

Steven Universe #1 - I am so freaking sad to be missing this book this week.

Stuff of Legend Omnibus HC: Expanded Edition

Toriko vol. 23 - Instabuy

Wandering Son vol. 7

What Did You Eat Yesterday vol. 3

Aug 5

Hello, lovely followers! I am officially ON VACATION! You can expect updates of comics that I wish I was reading this week, but not necessarily any first impressions (unless I happen upon a generous comic store in my travels).

Over the next few weeks, there will be dramatically fewer reblogs as I spend time outdoors and in large bodies of water. Look forward to those reblogs picking up again at the end of the month.

Thanks, and a happy August to all of you!

Aug 5



HEYYY EVERYONE! It’s time to officially announce that we (Strangely/Katie and Starlock/Toril) are now a comics team studio known as STRANGE STAR!! 

We’ve previously worked separately on our own independent comics, including Princess Princess and Hotblood!, but for the last few months we’ve been collaborating on our first joint webcomic project, Mahou Shounen Breakfast Club, which we are now getting ready to launch this winter!

For anyone interested in learning more about the comic, we’ve compiled a bunch of development drawings and character profiles into a 34-page b&w zine that is available for preorder here! 

Additionally, for news, info, and more drawings, please follow us on tumblr at STRANGESTARCOMICS.COM

Hey everyone! As you are probably aware Toril and I have been working on a Thing and are now officially our own lil studio~ If you’re interested in MSBC or anything else we may be working on, please follow the new STRANGE STAR tumblr! ❀


Aug 1



Valor: A fairy tale anthology about courageous heroines starts today!

Valor is a comic anthology of re-imaged fairy tales showcasing the talent of some of the top creators in the field of digital comics. The purpose of this book is to pay homage to the strength, resourcefulness, and cunning of female heroines in fairy tales. Some of these are recreations of time-honored tales. Others are brand new stories, designed to be passed to future generations.

The anthology will be young adult friendly and in color, each story being 4 to 15 pages long.


CLICK HERE for the Kickstarter

CLICK HERE for the official tumblr.

It’s alllllliiiivvveeeee!! I am so excited for this you guys! :D


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First Impressions 7/23

Best Comics This Week:

The Sakai Project: 30 years of Usagi Yojimbo HC
In Clothes Called Fat GN
The Midas Flesh #8
Street Angel HC
Shadow Hero GN
Through the Woods GN
Tuki: Save the Humans #1

Axe Cop: American Choppers #3 - American Choppers #3 - I was going to write a review of this comic, but I forgot what was in it. I’m old, and old people forget things. In all seriousness, I’m pretty sure that every church could increase attendance dramatically if it were to distribute recruitment literature as exciting as this Axe Cop arc. Axe Cop’s reward on the last page alone make this issue one of the best. The influence of pop culture on Malachai’s creative process is very apparent here, and while Axe Cop is still very wacky, the nature of the wackiness has changed. The stories themselves, while full of  of non-sequiturs, are less chaotic overall. As Malachai is able to focus on a single concept and develop it more fully, Axe Cop is becoming more driven. No matter what happens to the narrative style, there’s one thing readers can always count on in an Axe Cop comics: Axe Cop is gonna chop the bad guys’ heads off.

Elfquest: Final Quest #4 – It truly is a struggle to read this. I’m only sticking with it because Elfquest meant so much to me in my teens. The melodrama made me set down this single issue a couple of times, and the elves all have cheekbones that make Benedict Cumberbatch look like a pudgy babby. This series made me embarrassed for my 14-year-old self until I got to the lovely reprint of the original elfquest in the back (included as a promo for the upcoming reprints). What a huge contrast! That older art is still amazing. New readers: avoid this series. Wait for the reprints. They’re so much more rewarding.

The Sakai Project: 30 years of Usagi Yojimbo HC – The sheer volume of incredible artwork in this book is completely overwhelming.  When I first picked up my copy, I was slightly disappointed with its thickness. After spending 5 minutes with it, I quickly got over that idiotic assessment and proceeded to be utterly blown away. There is so much to process, I had to set the book down several times before I finally made it through the entire thing. I’m not kidding when I use the words “overwhelming” and “blown away”. I’m still reeling from the explosion of gorgeousness that is barely contained within its covers. I don’t believe that it’s actually possible for me to have truly taken in all that this amazing volume offers up, and I know that I will be spending many happy hours boggling over its beauty.

It is truly inspiring to see the outpouring of love and support for Stan and his wife Sharon from the comics community that this book represents. There are two forewards, both of which emphasize Stan’s kindness and generosity, which I couldn’t agree with more. Anyone who has met the man in person knows what a sweet guy he is, and how much joy he has brought to thousands, if not millions of readers with his fantastic comics.

All of the proceeds from the sales of this incomprehensibly amazing artbook go to the Sakais in their time of hardship. There is no good reason to not purchase this book.

Saga #21 – All of the things I expect from Saga were present in this issue: someone got hurt, someone got laid, swearing. Bonus: drugs. Not-so-bonus: Marko’s butt. Seriously; I expected it to be much cuter! What’s up, Fiona Staples?!

Superannuated Man #2 – I was really hoping that this comic would go somewhere interesting, but it’s still plodding along, making a big deal out of bizarrely twisted animal mutant close-up shots (and not much else). There are simply better, more interesting comics out there with actual plot that I could be reading.

Trees #3 - Welp, this issue went off on a completely divergent storyline from the previous two, or my memory is worse than I thought. When a comic jumps around this much in single issues, it’s a sign that it should just be released in trades. That’s the only way I’m going to read this one from now on.

Comics Squad: Recess GN – This is a wonderful compilation of kids comics from some of the best artists and writers making kids comics today! It’s like a greatest hits of free comic book day, priced at $1 per story. Fans of the creators featured in this book are in for a treat, and it’s a fantastic introduction for new readers, too. This book is a little silly for older readers, but I got a kick out of almost every piece.

Doctor Who: 10th #1 - Oh man, is this is ever designed to make the fangirl hearts go pitter-pat. Ten is between companions, and this issue hooks him up with another 20-something. The opening dialogue is practically cryptic, as are the actions of the characters in response to the initial crisis, but thankfully the main story takes over and things normalize after the ridiculous double-splash credits. No stand-out story here; just some truly ridiculous monologuing by the Doctor.

Doctor Who: 11th #1 - Wow. What a difference from the Tenth Doctor issue. Whoever is writing this has seen Doctor Who and absolutely knows how to write Matt Smith’s Doctor. It’s playful and ridiculous; fits perfectly with the personality I’ve come to expect from an “Eleven” episode. Like Tenth Doctor in his issue, Eleven in between companions and happens upon an eligible candidate. UNLIKE the Tenth Doctor issue, it wastes no time introducing them to one another, and is less concerned with making teen hearts flutter than it is with telling an intriguing story. I never thought I’d ever choose Eleven over Ten, but as far as these comics are concerned, this is a far superior offering. I can’t say that I’m a fan of the depiction of the Doctor, but the art is otherwise completely acceptable and about of the level I’d expect for a Doctor Who comic.

In Clothes Called Fat GN - Moyocco Anno provides a terrifying look into the lives of three very maladjusted people. A man with emotional hangups and a women who thrives on the pain of others drive the protagonist to extremes as she does does everything she believes she must in order to please her boyfriend and avoid persecution. This book is not an easy read as it lays bare the struggles women face on a daily basis as their worth is calculated by those around them based on their appearance. Body image and harassment are only two of the many social problems the cast of this harrowing tale face. I was left throughly disturbed after reading it. While I do recommend reading it, I don’t recommend it to anyone who is going through any sort of emotional hardship.

Letter 44 #8 - The inner workings of the political system in this book have gone from intriguing to improbable, but the sci-fi section of the story is holding steady and strong. I’ve been really impressed with the pacing of this comic from the start, and I’ve completely abandoned hope of a quick alien reveal - mean, hell, it’s on ish 8 and we still haven’t had the tiniest glimpse - but it doesn’t matter. Letter 44 hasn’t dropped the ball yet in terms of the amount of excitement rationed to each single issue, so I’ve decided to trust in the slow burn and just enjoy the ride.

The Midas Flesh #8 – It’s ooooveeerrr, noooooo! Seriously though; I could have kept reading this story for quite a few more issues. I didn’t think it was a powerhouse ending, but Midas flesh did not go with a pathetic anticlimax like some many series seem to these days. The thing that has impressed me throughout the series (and continues to do so), is the unique way North mixed the powers of the gods with science to make a supremely satisfying thrill ride. I don’t wish for sequels very often, but there’s a great swath of time worked into the current story in which a sequel could take place, and my fingers are crossed.

MLP: Friends Forever #7 - This month’s issue was very sweet. Every episode and issue of this series has had a moral, but this one was particularly powerful. I’m not a big fan of how excessively wacky Pinkie Pie has gotten as the seasons have progressed, so I didn’t expect to enjoy this issue as much as I did. There was a surprising level of depth, providing at least one, more subtle lesson within the framework of the main lesson. Good stuff!

Ragnarok #1 - Apart from the boob-breastplate armor, goofy battle stances, and overly toothy horse that does not seem to ever close its mouth, this is a decent book. Epic, RPG-style adventuring, complete with dark elves, orcs, and even gods. The story wastes no time sending its mercenary protagonist on a high-stakes quest with a very unusual reward. The Norse theme is a nice touch. I’ll be checking out the next one.

Shadow Hero GN - Wow. Just wow. With a team like Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew working on this comic, there was no doubt in my mind that something excellent would be the result, but I was completely blown away by the majesty and perfection of this book. Yang’s characterization and depiction of Chinese culture are flawless. He simultaneously celebrates the unique strengths and takes tongue-in-cheek pot shots at his culture through the actions of and words of his creations. Not a single moment is wasted on exposition; the story flows seamlessly and beautifully through scenes of action, drama, and suspense. I was fascinated from start to finish. Liew populates the world of The Shadow Hero with expertly rendered people whose exaggerated features instantly convey character background and personality to the reader. No panel space is wasted here, and the emotions that play across the characters’ faces and bodies can be easily read without the assistance of the dialogue. Perfection, from start to finish.

There is a lovely bonus section in the back in which Gene Luen Yang presents his insights into the origin of the original Green Turtle, first published in 1944. For curious readers, the very first issue of that comic is even reprinted, ads and all!

Special Exits GN – This poignant memoir chronicles the decline in health and eventual passing of the author’s parents. In our youth-obsessed culture, the struggles the elderly face as they lose the ability to care for themselves are not something that most people are aware of on a daily basis. Special Exits throws the doors of ignorance wide open and shines a light on what it is like to die in America, as well as the hurdles the adult children of the dying must overcome when attempting to care for their parents. My own grandfather is in poor health at the moment, and I found this book to be both moving and eye-opening. This book is not an easy read, and the author’s frustrations as she does everything within her power to please her parents while also providing the care they need (without going crazy in the process) ooze off of the page. Readers may find it too emotionally taxing to take in the entire book in one sitting, but it is worth the effort. This paperback edition of the previously released hardcover does not include any extras.

Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever #2 – The art continues to impress in this graphic adaptation of Harlan Ellison’s original teleplay. The panels really do give the impression of freeze-frames from the show, and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some of them are drawn with that sort of thing as reference.

Street Angel HC – I managed to control myself and not purchase this lovely new edition, despite the bonus materials at the end. If you have not yet read it, Street Angel is an utterly fantastic comic about a young homeless girl who fights crime with her powers of street smarts and kick-assery. Though it sounds like some sort of hard-boiled, gritty story, this book actually feels like something Bed Edlund might have written, infused with The Tick-level humor. Still aren’t sold? How about an Irish Astronaut named CosMick? Yeah, NOW you want to buy it.

Through the Woods GN - . My familiarity with the works of Emily Carroll previous to this book only encompassed her webcomics, which all included at least one animated element. I was curious to see how well her works translated to print, and if some essential part of the experience would be lost. Let me tell you, readers: these comics are every bit as horrifying as the ones she released online. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, but Carroll’s mastery of psychological horror makes for an incredibly unsettling reading experience, to say the least. In layman’s terms: this book will freak you right the fuck out. If you are looking for a brainless gorefest, I suggest you look elsewhere; these stories will bore into your mind and weigh heavy upon your heart. I do not suggest reading them late, alone, or in the dark, unless you are in the mood for nightmares. Even so, anyone who appreciates beautiful illustration will not be able to put this book down, no matter how powerful the urge is to run screaming into the night.

TMNT: Turtles in Time #2 - Well, it wouldn’t be a turtles in time story without a trip to feudal Japan - and of COURSE they need to happen upon something that might alter their own lives! I think that’s plenty of spoilers for now. The art style switch-up threw me at first, but different doesn’t mean bad, in this case. Lots of excellent turtles action, and I learned that apparently Michaelangelo speaks Japanese. Good times!

Tuki: Save the Humans #1 - What can I say about this new all-ages comic from Jeff Smith that you aren’t already expecting? Yes, it’s fabulous. Jeff Smith’s art is better than ever in this series presented in a nifty horizontal format. Even though we only meet a couple of characters in this first issue, Smith has infused them with so much personality, I’m VERY excited to read the next issue. For those of you who are coming to Tuki for the first time in this print format and are too excited to wait, you can bounce on over to boneville.com to read a whole lot of Tuki for free!

Not only am I thrilled that this series is ongoing, but I hope that inspires a new generation of anthropologists and paleontologists. Jeff Smith kindly included a timeline of human evolution and a bunch of neat science-y footnotes on the last few pages. Aces!

Wild Blue Yonder #5 – Lots of dashing heroics in this all-out dog-fight to the death that will determine who has control of the Dawn. Art continues at the level of excellence I have come to expect from this book. I only wish that the issues didn’t come so far apart; keeping track of all of the characters is a bit difficult.

Winterworld #2 - Winter World feels an awful lot like The Last of Us, with less zombies and more snow. All of these post-apocalyptic survival comics have the same basic premise; the bad times hit and people turn on each other. It’s hard to completely flesh out a world in two issues, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and read another before I give up.