Rachel Loves Comics


Comics I’ll be checking out this week

Amala’s Blade #0 - I don’t even have to look this up to remember that I am really excited about the art and the lady kicking ass in this book.

The Answer #2 - Something about an extremely intelligent woman and a dude with an exclamation mark on his face does it for me…

Five Weapons #1 - I’m not even close to a fan of Bomb Queen, but the preview looks interesting, so I’ll give it a shot.

Legend of Luther Strode #3 - Here’s hoping that the story continues the trend of improvement it showed between issues 1 and 2!

Prophet #34

Adventure Time TP vol. 2 - Man, they aren’t wasting any time with these!

Albert Dorne: Master Illustrator HC - I am not much of a student of American Comic Artist History. This looks fantastic.

Courtney Crumrin #10 - Any week in which an issue of Courtney Crumrin comes out is a good week.

District 14 HC - I think this cover says it all. Also, they are pushing the fact that Jeff Smith plugged this book REALLY hard.

Dark Crystal vol. 2: Creation Myths HC - Sorry to say that I forgot all about vol. 1 and have not yet read it but…yay vol. 2?

Long John Silver vol. 1 - Another mysterious Cinebook. Looks to be a bit of a crime/intrigue style.

On The Ropes - Stirring drama/slice-of-life set in 1937 and starring carnies. Hmm.

Pantalones, TX: Don’t Chicken Out - Thank god they changed the cover on this. .A wacky-looking kids book set in Texas. Since the art is from an animator, you know the expressiveness will be through the roof.

Spera vol. 2 HC - Instabuy. Spera is the bomb.

Unearthing HC - Descriptions promise an atrsy fartsy romp of epic proportions. Do you like your comics confusing and obtuse?

Battle Angel Alita: Last Order vol. 17

Archaia week, apparently! I got all fancy with a cover image, oooOOOOooo!